• Colin Huntley

The Mountain, The Whisper, And The Takeaway

The following is just a poem - a prayer of sorts I wrote down in my journal this morning. Life has been complicated both practically and spiritually as of late, and there has been a resonate takeaway from all of it that I needed to express. I hope this is encouraging. I understand that not all of my followers are Christians, but still it is my hope that you would be moved by this in some way or another.

You allowed images of distractions to be placed along a pathway. You concealed your purpose to appeal to my sinful desires. Each distraction sat just above my head at the base of a mountaintop. Images of lust, greed, fame, and fortune danced upon the edges of the mountainside. I climbed towards them, and before I could realize they were illusions, I would have my eyes fixed on the next. I was so distracted that I didn't realize how exhausted I was from the climb. I didn't recognize the shortness of my breathe or the drop in temperature.

After much work, I found myself still unsatisfied, but now at the top of the mountain. All of the images proved to be illusions. Once I reached the top of the mountain, I became aware of the blisters on my hands, and the decline of my strength. The climb had taken a toll on my body. I then became aware of the thinness of air, and the bitter cold upon my skin. I realized I was alone. Weak, unable to breathe, and alone.

I screamed for help, and no one heard me. I screamed until my voice went out. Just when I could no longer utter a word, you spoke. In a soft whisper you said "Trust Me". "Look at the people and cities below. Go back down, and trust me".

Suddenly I knew; the point is and always was trust. I said "God, before I go back, let me speak with you". I will reject lustful desires, and trust you to fulfill my desire for intimacy. I will reject gossip, and trust you to craft the narrative of my character and reputation. I will reject anger and trust you to bring justice to those who slander me. I will reject hate, and trust that you will do much with love. I will abandon my own strength. I will not change, but be changed. My victory will be without boasting, my losses will be lessons, and above all, I will trust. Trust. Trust.