• Colin Huntley

Nobody Reads My Blog (I don't care)

This is a mirror selfie of me in a Kroger bathroom. I say this only to add context to a photo that has seemingly and actually nothing to do with the upcoming content of this blog.

Nobody reads my blog. I don't care. I have about 10 followers on this blog at the moment, and 2 of them are my parents (Hey mom and dad 👋🏻). Still, I have spent at least an hour or two on each of these blog posts to make sure they convey a message I am proud of and stand by. They are cathartic.

Humanity is powerful and productive when its circular. Our spirits are like fountains. If we are flowing, we are beautiful. We provide white noise and atmosphere to the great garden of the universe. When we flow consistently, we make the universe more pleasant. However, when we don't flow - when we keep our emotions and thoughts dormant and break off the circulation of water, we become stagnant mosquito and mold attractants. It is absolutely imperative that we flow - that we take information in, and breathe information out. So it's important that we express for the simple reason that expression is necessary to regulating our spirit, and therefore our beauty.

I have recently become a devout believer in the infinite possibility of any human being to do literally anything that their heart calls for. Thousands of years ago, the notion that humans would fly was inconceivable. Today, I'm typing these words at the table of an airport restaurant, where I'll board a big metal tube that will fly me 30,000 feet up in the air to Texas from Nashville in a matter of about 2 hours. This happened because some 'delusional' lunatic thought it could. This is true of every great human feat. We are unbelievable adaptation machines, and anybody with the tenacity to make something happen, will.

I believe millions will read my blog. Seriously. I think millions of people will listen to music. I think millions of people will anxiously wait to read my blogs and hear what I have to say. I don't think I'm special. I think I've been deeply convicted to become the person who has something to say. Am I there yet? No. If I was, millions would be reading right now. But I believe beyond a shadow of a doubt that I will have something so profound to say someday, that the world will have no choice but stop and listen. I only believe this will be the case because of tenacity.

Nobody starts off qualified for anything.

"If they don't feel your thoughts, start dreaming in braille" - Jon Bellion (yes I'm obsessed with Jon Bellion right now).

Anything you feel deeply convicted to do, do it. There is a way. It doesn't matter how many of your alter egos in your head are telling you your dream is impossible. It isn't. If you can think of it, you can make it real. God doesn't put desires on your heart to taunt you. He puts desires on your heart to inspire you. You are the ultimate adaptation machine. You are human - the most beautiful and dynamic of beings. You are infinitely capable. You are remarkable. You are everything that you believe that you are, nothing more, nothing less.

If they don't feel your thoughts, start dreaming in braille. You are uniquely capable of coming up with non-obvious solutions. Do not settle. Be audacious, and don't apologize.