• Colin Huntley

I'm In a Rut... A Really Bad Rut. What Do I Do?

Life can really put people through it. I won't even divulge into what exactly that means, because you know exactly what that means. If you're a human being, no matter how 'together' you are, you are consistently being hit square in the face by life's round house punches.

When you get hit often enough in a short amount of time, your morale starts to dwindle. You stop taking care of yourself the way you normally would, when you need to be taking care of yourself the most. You're in a rut. From a chronic rut dweller (yes, I'm in one as I write this), what is a good way to battle it and get back to an exciting, fulfilling life?

I pondered that today, and came up with a list of daily principles and practices that I firmly believe can deliver anybody from anywhere, if given enough time and consistency.

1. Move Every Day

Whether you have any particular fitness goals or not, move actively every single day! It could be a 20 minute walk, a hike, some weight lifting, a run, swim, whatever... It doesn't matter. Just use your body every day in some way!

2. Meditate Every Day

Meditation is not reserved for monks and the ultra spiritual. It's a discipline highly esteemed by most of the most successful, balanced people. Sit down for 20 minutes, throw on a Spotify meditation playlist, breathe slowly, and watch what happens.

3. Journal Every Day

Thoughts are exhausting. Journaling is a great way to get all of the little, bothersome thoughts out in a satisfying way, so that they don't keep reoccurring throughout your day and taking up your mental real estate. It's a great way to figure out what's really on your mind vs. what's passively running through your mind.

4. Read Every Day

Yes, the world is full of people, and some of them know things you don't. Read something every day. Learn. Be a student of life.

5. Eat Foods That Serve You

If you're not familiar with intermittent fasting, look it up. Eat lean proteins and so many veggies! Let yourself cheat, but do it also in ways that serve you. Cheat when your friend want to go out. Don't eat a bucket of ice cream alone. Spend 80% of your life feeding yourself good, clean food, and watch how things change.

6. Exercise Creativity

This can mean so many things to so many people. Human beings are uniquely creative. Part of our DNA is to invent. So practicing creativity is practicing being human, which naturally will make you feel a little more vibrant and free. Whether you like to write songs, paint, sing, dance, or come up with business ideas that 'would never work', just spend some time thinking about something obscure every day. You never know what you may find. Let yourself be unreasonable.

7. Exercise Interest

Ruts are often created largely by an obsession with our circumstances. Spend some time every day expressing exclusive interest in somebody else. Ask questions. Listen deeply and intently. Empathize. Taking the zoom off of your problems puts them in proper perspective and starts to make them feel appropriately large, not larger than life.

If you've read this far, you might be in a rut right now. The good news is, so am I. I believe this article is going to be useful to at least one person who reads it. If that's the case, then me going through my rut is worth it. I'm in your corner, friend. Keep going!