• Colin Huntley

Here's What Matters Most

I'm sitting, yes, say it with me... in a coffee shop!

And life has seriously never been more beautiful. I'm elevated this morning. Being in this state is valuable. It's rare. So I'm here to document it. I'm damn near tears right now in gratitude, and for the upcoming list.

I wrote in my journal just moments ago:

What matters most?

- To be inspired

- To accidentally inspire others as a consequence

- To love my body

- Screw money... use it for good when/if you have it. Never need it to feel right.

- Growth

- Peace

- God and his kingdom

- To love my surroundings. Wherever I am is where I belong.

- To live true to self and my convictions. No copying. No need for approval.

- "To love's very different than to own"


- Health... body/mind/attitude/spirit

- Falling in love with the world

- "Full heart"

- To love simplicity and be fascinated by complexity

- Curiosity

- To make art, whether great or not

- My mind!

- My words and ears

- Family! Not blood... family. There's a difference

This is my list. I'd love to see yours. No thought, presuppositions, or contemplations... Just write what comes to mind. Send it to me if you feel compelled to. I think It would be inspiring to see what everybody thinks matters most.

If you're reading this, thank you. Much love. So much love.

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