• Colin Huntley

God Made Me A Promise!

"How to Love the Process" - Today's podcast selection. I'm beginning to get the feeling that most of my blog posts are going to be inspired by Impact Theory podcast episodes. I'm not mad about that. Isn't that what inspiration is? One of our most unique characteristics as human beings is our ability to share old information in new and invigorating ways. For some, the message will ring true in the form of an energetic lecture. For some, it will take a book, a play, a song, or a near death experience. For me, it generally takes divine intervention - the spelling out of the words "Be Calm".

A few weeks ago, I was sitting in my usual coffee spot in Nashville. It's a special place to me. It's where I met and flirted with my girlfriend for the first time. It's where I made my first several friends I ever had in Nashville. It's where I wrote the lyrics to one of my favorite songs, and it's where I've read the most books. The shop was unusually slow, especially considering it was a beautiful summer day. There were about 6 total people in the shop - 3 employees, and 3 customers, myself included.

At one point, a couple of girls, likely my age (early 20s) walked in, ordered some coffees and sat down at a table opposite from me in the cafe. I continued on writing journal entries while listening to the 'Meditation Music Zone' playlist on Spotify (I highly recommend this playlist by the way if you're needing some calm, focus music). The girls sat and chatted with one another for upwards of an hour. I had really only noticed them in my peripheral. To my surprise, I felt a tap on my shoulder. I looked up, and as I started taking my headphones out, I realized it was one of the girls from the table across the room.

Before I could say a word, she said, in a nervous, bubbly voice "Hey! This is probably kind of weird but my name is Alex. God told me that you need to know that what you're doing is important, and you need to keep doing it". She asked my name, I told her, I smiled, thanked her, and she and her friend left the coffee shop immediately.

Suddenly, this strange emotion hit me. I started weeping at my table. Prior to this conversation, I really had not considered that my soul was feeling tired. It was almost as if her singling me out to tell me I would be okay exposed that I wasn't okay in the first place. So I started praying at my table, thanking God for knowing me well enough to know I'm too stupid to read signs. He spelled it out for me. "Keep Going".

The only problem with that message was that I'm 21 years old, and I really have no idea what I'm doing in the first place. So really, the more I thought about it, God can only really be telling me to continue pressing into truth, as I've been attempting to do. God can only be assuring me that where I am is significant. It's part of my process - the same one that Preston Smiles in the video linked above is encouraging people to learn to fall in love with.

What I am coming to terms with is that life was never intended to be arrival centric. Life is experience centric. Human beings are intrinsically mobile. If we arrive at a place of wealth, we will want more money. If we arrive in the arms of somebody who loves us, we will want more love. If we arrive to a place of exciting career opportunities, we will invent new ways to pursue significance. If we place our joy in destination arrivals, we will ultimately be disappointed, as we discover no destination is enough for us. However, if we place our joy in the process, our well of experience will never run dry. Experience is forever. Arrivals are momentary. Grammy acceptance speeches last 90 seconds. The pursuit of creativity lasts a lifetime.

I hope you are as encouraged by this message as I have been this morning. Today is part of your process. Don't discount it.