• Colin Huntley

Diary Of a Song (Problems)

I started noticing a pattern in people I admire earlier last year; They all meditate. They all meditate regularly and swear by the power of it to put them in a state of creative freedom and ease. When it dawned on me that every single person I looked up to practices meditation on a regular basis, there was a very obvious spotlight on me insinuating that I should do the same.

So I went to Walmart and I bought a big grey bean bag chair for $40 (a steep financial investment for someone of my financial stature). I meant business! I knew the best way to kick off a meditation habit was to buy a designated chair for it. I swore that I would use that bean bag chair exclusively for mediation. Between it and a few calming scented candles I bought, I invested about $60 into my meditation endeavors, and I expected a return investment.

I went home, turned off all the lights, fluffed my bean bag chair, lit the candles, and turned on a generic meditation playlist on Spotify. I closed my eyes and hummed a bit with the music, attempting to clear my mind. The problem: I couldn't. I got a phrase stuck in my mind within 2 minutes that I couldn't stop repeating. I ain't got problems if I can't solve them.

Trying desperately to clear my mind, I pushed that phrase back into my subconscious again and again, but it persisted. Suddenly, in a eureka moment I audibly, alone in my bedroom shouted This is a song!

That was the birth of Problems.

Problems is a song about realizing some of the things we think are problems are actually just reality. If we can't change them, they aren't problems. Something can really only be called a problem if the possibility of changing it is present. We don't think of not being to fly as a problem. We just know that gravity is real, and that's that. Is it ideal? No! Flying would be awesome. But not being able to isn't a problem - it's just what is. I think this applies to a lot more that just flying.

This song is meant to be a beacon of hope for people who feel like the walls are closing in on them. I hope it inspires people to re-evaluate what in their life is actually problematic and what is just begging to be accepted as reality.

Problems comes out at midnight on February 28th. I can't wait to hear your stories of letting go and if/how this song connects to you. Much love,

- Colin